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Rosemary Barclay and the Bonne Santé Wellness Center Offers Holistic Acne Treatment to Boost Back to School Confidence

Industry leader, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT helps students reduce their acne naturally. Bonne Santé Wellness Center is known for offering holistic solutions to everyday issues. For over a decade, Rosemary Barclay and the Bonne Santé treatment center has changed lives through natural and therapeutic means. This wellness center believes in helping the mind, body, and soul. That […]

Rosemary Barclay

Rosemary Barclay of Bonne Santé Wellness Center Discusses What Dietary Supplements you should Take

The internet has made new supplements and “professional advice” readily available. New supplement companies open left and right, who to trust? There is no escaping it. Dietary supplement Fads are everywhere. Unfortunately, people do not understand when it is appropriate to use supplements. Rosemary Barclay, Old Lyme, Connecticut, Bonne Santé Wellness Center knows that it is easy to […]

Rosemary Barclay Shows How to You Can Donate to the Puerto Rico Relief Fund

Rosemary Barclay is dedicated to helping the Puerto Rico relief fund and you can help. Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, on September 20, 2017. This hurricane hit Puerto Rico exactly two weeks after Hurricane Irma grazed the island. Irma remains the most powerful Caribbean hurricane on record. Between the wrath of the two hurricanes, Puerto […]