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Rosemary Barclay - Food Can Change Your Mood – Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme Explains How

Food Can Change Your Mood – Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme Explains How

Nutritionist Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT, shares the link between ultra-processed foods, disease, and changes in mood.  Research has proven that the timeless saying, “you are what you eat,” holds more truth than previously thought. In fact, what you eat impacts the gut biome, a community of bacteria that has been recently shown to […]

3 Cancer-Fighting Foods Recommended by Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT

Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT recommends natural foods that cancer survivors should incorporate into their diets. Nutrition directly affects major areas of your life including your health, energy levels, mood, skin, immunity, and general well-being. What you eat is also directly related to your risk of developing diseases like cancer. Certain foods are associated […]

Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT Lists Makeup Ingredients to Avoid

Your makeup could have pore clogging ingredients that contribute to acne. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT offers a list of comedogenic ingredients to avoid. Makeup is a great tool for concealing acne, expressing individual style, and highlighting natural features. Many people don’t realize, however, that makeup could actually be making their acne worse by […]

Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT Recommends Minimizing Artificial Food Color Consumption for Children

Dyes have recently been linked to issues with hyperactivity and ADHD. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT recommends minimizing your child’s consumption of potentially harmful dyes, preservatives and additives in foods The effects of artificial food coloring on behavior in children has been studied for more than 40 years. After reviewing recently published research, Rosemary Barclay, owner […]

According to Rosemary Barclay, Those Blackheads Might Actually be Something Else

Acne specialist, Rosemary Barclay, explains why you might just be wasting your time trying to remove troublesome blackheads for good. Most people start and end their day in the bathroom with washing their face and peering at their skin. When dark, clogged pores begin to appear, many automatically assume they have a blackhead problem. If […]

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How Vegetables Boost Your Immune System and Improve your mood Naturally with Rosemary Barclay

Certified nutrition specialist, Rosemary Barclay, suggests incorporating more vegetables into your diet daily to stay healthy and happy during the winter months. Believe it or not, a strong immune system starts at home in the kitchen with a balanced diet that incorporates fresh vegetables. Vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that fuel the body […]