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Tis The Season of Special Offers from Bonne Santé Wellness Center Offers and Gifts from Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT

Take advantage of these special seasonal offers before they disappear for another year.

The holiday season brings out the best in people and makes everyone feel a certain degree of unbridled generosity. The goodwill that we feel toward our loved ones neighbors is propelled by the vast abilities and inspiration to do nice things. Whether these nice things are for people we love, friends, or strangers, the benefit we feel is the same. Why not be inspirational and give the gift of good health. That is why Bonne Santé Wellness Center is offering a stocking full of goodness for the upcoming season.

Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT would like to help you spread the joy by giving gifts that all last year long as it is often during the holidays that people are so busy caring for others, that they neglect their own health. And so with this in mind, here’s some special offers and discounts to help you spread the joy. Give effective tools to help you and your loved ones start off the new year on the right foot Why not buy one for yourself and give one as a gift!

$15 Refer a Friend

Often, doing good things brings its own reward and here at the Bonne Santé Wellness Center, we like to promote and foster the sense of doing good for others so introducing friends and get paid. For every referral every person brings in, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT is promising a $15 gift card. This card is redeemable for any Bonne Santé Wellness Center service, leaving you and your friends feeling great.

10% Teacher Discount

Teaching the leaders of tomorrow is a demanding and sometimes thankless task. While being a teacher is a rewarding occupation, today there are numerous demands placed on teachers that takes its toll. At the Bonne Santé Wellness Center, teachers receive a 10% discount, off ALL services. This discount is available each time a teacher visits. After all, teachers need to feel their best in order to be effective educators for our children

Bonne Santé Wellness Center appreciates teachers and everything they do. Their job is important and is often underrated. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT wants to recognize teachers for undertaking such an important responsibility.

Gift Certificates

Giving the gift of good health is magnificent. Whether it is for a friend, family member, or teacher, there is no better way to say you care. Everyone on your shopping list can benefit from a Bonne Santé Wellness Center gift card. Gift givers even have the option of choosing a specific treatment or allowing the recipient to choose.

Gifts are a way to make your special loved ones feel important and know that you care about their health and well being. If looking and feeling good is a specific aim of a loved them (or even yourself) then you are going to require some helpful tools to set about this task-visit us for self-care, all in one place. Visit the website today, sign up for our newsletter to gain special offers or like the Bonne Santé Wellness Center Facebook for more seasonally-specific updates.

Remember that It’s difficult to put a price tag on the gift of good health and the receiver will always remember the value it brings to their lives! Open the door to a lifetime of wellness by buying a gift to promote good health. This Holiday Season give a gift from the heart for the heart

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Rosemary Barclay Offers 5 Tips to Eating Well Throughout the Harvest Season

Eating well throughout the harvest season can be difficult but Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT knows all the secrets.

There is so much to love about the harvest season. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT knows that food is an essential joy of Autumn. As the weather gets colder, people are more inclined to settle down with their favorite comfort food. From the chocolate treats to the apple pie and, of course, Thanksgiving, food is everywhere throughout the season.
Fortunately, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT shares her five best tips to eating well throughout the harvest season. This doesn’t mean that people should sacrifice what they love, though. Instead, put a little forethought into consumption and it will go a long way.

1. Give into the Change

Change is good. Although, sometimes it takes time and strength to make a change. People like routine and it is routine that allows one to fall into a rut. Even if it is a healthy rut, giving permission to change is essential to eating well this fall. Embracing the different type of food and drinks of the fall will prepare the body for accepting the change.

This is especially true for those who enjoy a nice cup of tea. Black tea offers one of the biggest sources of flavonoids, which are natural antioxidants. This class of antioxidants is found in many natural plant-derived foods. Don’t be afraid to keep the kettle warm all throughout the harvest season.

2. Soup is a Good Friend

Soup is a wonderful way to get all the nutrients a healthy body needs without sacrificing the comfort food craving. There are many ways to make a successful, delicious soup. Yet, whatever recipe you use, make sure it contains fresh garlic, onions, and spices. Garlic and onions contain phytochemicals that are antibacterial. Plus, recent studies suggest that garlic and onions inhibit cancer-causing free radicals.

Additionally, the active ingredients in garlic are alliin (which give the garlic its taste). When fresh garlic is chopped or pressed, alliin is converted to allicin (which gives garlic it’s aroma). Allicin is thought to help lower cholesterol and prevent blood clots.
Fortunately, garlic and onions are an excellent base ingredient for soups. By experimenting with different vegetables, herbs, and other fresh food, a healthy fall favorite is only a bowl away.

3. Drink More Water

During the harvest season, the physical urge to drink water can lessen. Since it is no longer hot outside, a nice, cold, tall glass of water is often replaced by coffee or hot chocolate. It is important to remember to drink water often, even without feeling thirsty. Water helps to keep the functions of the body moving all year long. Therefore, it is essential to eating well throughout the harvest season.

4. Buy in Season

Pumpkins, apples, squash, broccoli and other interesting vegetables are inexpensive during harvest because they are in season. Plus, they are ripe for making the most interesting meals that are associated with fall. For those who are not sure about which vegetables to get in fall, follow the colors of the season. Rustic, hearty foods are going to be the best bet for facilitating a healthy harvest feast.

5. Reinforce the Immune System

The body’s immune system is weakened in Autumn. This is when the flu season and the dreaded common cold start to appear. Therefore, it is important to help the immune system remain healthy. Of course, hydration is key. However, consuming raw foods is another natural way to help bulk up the immune system. Garlic, mushrooms, and Manuka honey are great, seasonal raw foods that can be placed into many meals.

Additionally, doing things you enjoy not only makes you happy, but it also boosts your immune system. The harvest season is a great excuse to get together with loved ones, so try to enjoy outdoor activities with loved ones. This will help keep the winter blues at bay and promote your immune system .

It is so important to eat well during the harvest season. Try to steer a healthful path now in fall so that it is easily maintained throughout winter. You will reap the benefits of a better immune system and keep healthy throughout winter.

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Bonne Santé Wellness Center- After Sun Specials through November 3rd, Compliments of Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT

As it starts to cool off, invigorate mind body and soul with Bonne Santés After-Sun treatments

Fall is in the air and days are getting shorter. As everyone returns to their post-summer lives, Rosemary Barclay knows that some after sun savings are in order. After sun savings can be redeemed through a multitude of different therapies. Not only do these therapies boost your mood, but they are also essential for staving off the winter blues and repairing the damage the sun causes to our fragile skin

Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT explains each of the different therapies included in this end of summer sale. Everything on this list will be twenty-percent off, from now until November 3rd. Due to popularity this sale was extended from its original departure date of October 26th.

Acne Therapy

The holistic approach to acne treatment that Bonne Santé is well known for will get your skin cleared up quick. The Bonne Santé approach combines deep-cleaning acne facials with effective at-home skin care products and supplements instead of drugs. Here at Bonne Santé Wellness Center, we treat the underlying problem, personalizing each case and thoroughly evaluating your needs.
Start the program now and be clear for the up coming holidays. Be acne free for those family gatherings and all it takes is for you to take the first steps toward clearer, healthier skin.

After-Sun Facials

Facials are always a great way to keep skin absolutely glowing. Enjoy Bonne Santé’s new Vitamin C rich restorative Mask to help exfoliate the skin by deep cleansing of pores and adding back vitamins to get your glow back. Facials that are available. All the facials provided by Bonne Sante are organic and the products are free of preservative so your skin will get an eco-friendly treat!

Fall Massages

The summer is fun but increased outdoor activities can put pressure on your muscles. Combine that with the added stress of returning to a regular summer-less routine and the tension is palpable. Fortunately, a de-stressing massage is the perfect cure. The therapists at the Bonne Santé Wellness Center are highly trained and fully certified. Your massage will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.
Enjoy After-Sun specials with saving you do not want to let slip away. With such a selection, it is no wonder why the specials were extended to November 3rd. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT.wants to make these treatments affordable to all this fall season so make sure to get in on this deal. November still sounds far away, but just to be safe, you should book your After-Sun Special today!

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Controlling Diabetes with a Low Glycemic Index Diet is Essential to Maintaining Manageable Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a disease that is running rampant throughout the US, controlling disease progression is key. Here’s some advice from Bonne Santé of Old Lyme, CT.

The CDC released a reportlast year stating that over 100 million US citizens are diagnosed with Diabetes or have undiagnosed prediabetes. Unfortunately, that number has risen significantly since 2017, as more Americans are struggling to maintain a healthy diet. Misinformation and diet fads usually do more harm than good, and people are at a loss of where to turn.

Fortunately, Bonne Santé Wellness Center can offer diabetics, individualized and accurate information to help control both blood sugar and insulin levels… Bonne Santé of Old Lyme, CT has professionals, such as Rosemary Barclay, BS, PhD, CNS. These professionals specialize in holistic remedies to aid and improve the quality of life for their clients. For Diabetics or Pre Diabetics, maintaining a low Glycemic Index diet is essential to controlling the disease.

• Carbohydrates (carbs) and the Glycemic Index

Carbohydrates are found in a plethora of foods. Bread, pasta, beans, cereal, fruit, vegetables, milk and cheese but not all carbs are created equal.. When consumed in moderation, carbohydrates are an essential part of everyone’s diet. After all, carbs are broken down into simple sugars that enter the bloodstream and provide energy for our muscles to work. This process is essential for the body needs to garner the energy and nutrients it needs to survive.

However, different carbohydrates impact blood sugar levels and insulin to varying degrees These varying degrees are measured by the Glycemic Index (GI).

There are three levels of the GI:
Low: 55 or less
Medium: 56-69
High: 70+

These factors are not contingent on the food alone. Rather, the factors encompass the method of preparation, the type of sugar, and the molecular structure of the starch and fiber levels of that food. After all, fruit is better for the body than white bread.but it is their glycemic index that makes one the better choice over the other for diabetics. Fiber also plays a vital role in lowering the release of sugars into the bloodstream.

• GI and Diabetes
Diabetes is a complex disease .but the primary issue of the disease is the inability of affected individuals to process sugars effectively. Everyone has a blood sugar level, which fluctuates depending on our consumption and overall health. However, for diabetics, their sugar levels are hard to control, since their body cannot make enough insulin to cope or their bodies have become insulin resistant.

For this reason affected individuals should be encouraged to eat foods with a low GI as insufficient insulin is produced to cope with foods of a high GIA diet compromising primarily low GI and high fiber produces less blood sugars

From a young age, food and the way people eat is indoctrinated into them, becoming a part of their culture. Good, bad, or indifferent, the food most people eat stems from a habit that started in early childhood. It is difficult to change such an ingrained habits. Diabetes is a serious condition and the long term effects of a continually high blood sugar are very detrimental to nerves, kidneys and of course the heart. Fortunately, the professionals at Bonne Santé of Old Lyme, CT can help to control this elevated blood sugar levels by making simple changes to diet. Coupled with an exercise regimen these lifestyle changes can lower your blood sugar levels dramatically. For more information about the services available at the Bonne Santé Wellness Center, visit their website.

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Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT Reveals the Best Fall Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Season

Maintaining a healthy diet is not always easy but using these nutrition tips will help start this Autumn off right.

Autumn is the season for harvest. Yet, it is also the season that starts off the most tempting and often the busiest time of the year. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT understands that the return to school is tough on families. Getting out of the summer routine and returning to the grind of classes, soccer practice, and parent-teacher conferences are hard. However, there are many wholesome ways to find nutrition, even with a busy schedule.

Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT has provided nutritional advice to individuals, busy working mothers and families Now, she is sharing her fall nutrition tips to help everyone start their Autumn off healthy. After all, the start of the school year is the best time to get into good habits for a successful experience.

•Farmers Markets Are Essential
There are a lot of interesting options to choose from during the fall season. To stay nutritious, holistic and simple, frequent farmers markets. In these areas, people can find affordable root vegetables, which are hearty and wholesome. These types of vegetables, such as beets, carrots, onions, pumpkin and rutabaga make fall meals simple. Plus, by visiting a farmer’s market, you are boosting local economy and getting fresh vegetables right from the source.

•Try Something New
There is a plethora of different, nutritious foods to try during the fall season. The weather is starting to chill, which makes stews and soups a great meal choice. Experiment a little, whether it is with a new recipe or a completely new food, expand the horizons of your family’s palate.

Introducing new foods is not only satisfying a taste. It is also the best way to introduce new ways for your body to receive essential nutrients. If you have never had eggplant, your body does not know that it is a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Eggplant is a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B1 and copper. It is a good source of manganese, vitamin B6, niacin, potassium, folate and vitamin K. Eggplant also contains phytonutrients such as nasunin and chlorogenic acid.Yet, after trying a meal with it, your body may crave that meal again in the future, knowing it has the nutrients you are lacking. Try to use the colorful vegetables that nature provides to us-each of those colors contain phytonutrients that can help protect you and your family against certain diseases.

•Plan Meals in Advance
Everyone has a crazy schedule and it can be hard to think of something to make every night of the week. However, by planning meals in advance saves time and money, while helping to promote better eating habits. Plan out a week of meals and shop for them all at once. If there is any preparation that can be done beforehand, do what is possible. Chop vegetables and store in clear containers in the fridge so that meal preparation time is limited.

To close, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT is confident that these tips will help promote a nutritious fall season. There are a lot of changes to consider when the kids go back to school. Thankfully, sacrificing wholesome meals does not have to be part of those changes. To get more tips on nutrition and holistic solutions to everyday issues, visit Rosemary Barclay’s wellness center website.

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Rosemary Barclay and the Bonne Santé Wellness Center Offers Holistic Acne Treatment to Boost Back to School Confidence

Industry leader, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT helps students reduce their acne naturally.

Bonne Santé Wellness Center is known for offering holistic solutions to everyday issues. For over a decade, Rosemary Barclay and the Bonne Santé treatment center has changed lives through natural and therapeutic means. This wellness center believes in helping the mind, body, and soul. That is why it is important for Rosemary Barclay and the other experts at Bonne Santé to help patients not only look great but also feel great.

Rosemary Barclay knows that most Acne remedies do not work since they do not address the root cause of acne. This is not only unhealthy for skin, it is also detrimental for self-esteem. That is why Bonne Santé uses a host of methods and expertise to provide a holistic Acne treatment that works.

-Acne Specialist

The Bone Santé Wellness Center has such a strong dedication to their Acme treatment, they have their own onsite expert. Melina Traverso is a Certified Esthetician and Acne Specialist. Traverso is a graduate of the International Institute of Cosmetology & Skincare. Plus, being a sufferer of Acne herself, Traverso has worked hard to find a solid plan that is constantly effective. Traverso works personally with Bonne Santé clients to help rid themselves of their Acne. Her work is renowned throughout Connecticut and her dedication is relentless.

-A Natural Approach

Bonne Santé Wellness Center also offers a three-step skincare regimen that pinpoints the cause of the Acne and eradicates it. The first step is to analyze the client’s skin to see the extent of the Acne and what would be best to rectify the issue. During this step, Bonne Santé specialists will recommend herbs, and nutritional supplements, along with lifestyle changes to clear the Acne.

The second step is to initiate these remedies, supplements, and lifestyle changes at home. During this time, the Bonne Santé Wellness Center will keep track of the client’s progress. The third step is a relaxing, rejuvenating facial, that will cleanse and heal the skin.

-Lifestyle Treatment

During the consultation with Bonne Santé Wellness Center, lifestyle changes will be recommended. Once the client introduces these lifestyle changes, they will notice that disappearing Acne is likely not the only difference. In addition to clearing Acne, this holistic, healthy treatment will help people feel better about themselves and their lifestyle. This change is sure to promote a surge in confidence, which will come just in time for the start of the school year. Continuing this Acne treatment will help students feel and look their best, which in turn will help them be successful.

In summation, Bonne Santé Wellness Center is an excellent source for education and holistic treatment. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme CT and the rest of the wellness staff wants everyone to look and feel amazing. That is why they work so diligently to offer a plethora of different treatments and solutions for wellness-related issues. For more information about Bonne Santé Wellness Center, check out their website.

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Rosemary Barclay of Bonne Santé Wellness Center Discusses What Dietary Supplements you should Take

The internet has made new supplements and “professional advice” readily available. New supplement companies open left and right, who to trust?

There is no escaping it. Dietary supplement Fads are everywhere. Unfortunately, people do not understand when it is appropriate to use supplements. Rosemary Barclay, Old Lyme, Connecticut, Bonne Santé Wellness Center knows that it is easy to get confused by all these Fads so our qualified nutritionists are dedicated educating individuals about facts, supported by scientific evidence so that we share accurate information and solutions with our clients.

As for the question as to whether to take a dietary supplement or not, Rosemary Barclay of Bonne Santé Wellness Center says the short answer is that it depends on an individual’s health profile. There are many factors that influence an individual’s health with nutrition being among the forefront. . Here is the truth about dietary supplements and when it is a good idea to take them.

When are Dietary Supplements Necessary
Of course, everyone wants to look and feel their best, particularly baby boomers who are on the eternal quest for anti-aging remedies. That is a great selling point for dietary supplements but let’s examine some facts behind it, which is why it is important when to know when to take dietary supplements.

The only reason dietary supplements are necessary is when there is a dietary deficiency or a particular vitamin or mineral is not processed efficiently by the body and is deficient. The best way to receive vitamins and minerals are through good nutrition; not a pill but when a vitamin can help a certain health condition or is of a very low blood level that’s the time to take a supplement.

Yet, sometimes that is not possible. Eating highly processed foods causes vitamins and minerals to become depleted, primarily through the process of processing. Heat that’s often used in food processing can also denature proteins in the food and severely deplete vital nutrients and vitamins There are certain people who do not eat the right foods, or enough of the right foods. Whether this is due to a food allergy or personal taste, their body needs more of a vitamin or mineral then food provides. Instead of trying to figure it out for yourself, however, it is a good idea to consult with a health professional.

Rosemary Barclay Explains the Secret to a Hair Stylist’s Success

Industry leader, Rosemary Barclay reveals the best way to become a hair stylist sensation.

Hair stylists are entrepreneurs. There are many that do not think of themselves that way. Yet, the secret of hair styling success is inlaid within that fact. Hair stylists might work in a salon, but their chair is more a rented spot than inclusion in a business.

Therefore, to be successful at becoming a hair stylist, Rosemary Barclay explains the logic behind this way of thinking. Hairstylists have their own clients and their own contacts. While some salons help fill a new stylist’s schedule, their repeat customers are loyal to that stylist. Here are a few of the best ways to approach a hairstyling position as an entrepreneur instead of an employee.

Make Connections

It truly is all about who a hairstylist knows. The life of a hairstylist with an entrepreneurial mindset is unstoppable. This hairstylist is not stuck in the same salon forever. Knowing that they are in control of their own destiny helps free them from a life of monotony. Realistically, a hairstylist who can garner connections and network can get a job anywhere in the world. By promoting themselves the right way, they can rent a chair wherever they wish to go. This is because they are in control. Their talent is not confined to one salon. It follows them wherever they go. Therefore, making connections is a great way to ensure job security, wherever the hairstylist may roam.

Remember Details About Each Client

Rosemary Barclay says “For many clients, going to get their hair done is a fun, relaxing and positive experience. When their hairstylist remembers details about the client’s life, this makes their visit extra-special”. Thus, it is important to talk to each client. Make them feel welcome and special. That time a hair stylist spends with their client should be all about them. After the hair appointment, write down notes about the conversations so that the stylist can ask personalized questions next time.

Additionally, writing a thank you note to the person after their first hairstyling helps hairstylists stand out. This note can be simple, but it should reaffirm how much the hairstylist appreciates the opportunity to work with them. This note can also remind them to set up another appointment soon.

Make Sure the Customer is Happy

Businesses have a collective motto: The customer is always right. This is something that each hairstylist must also abide by. As an entrepreneur, the skills of a hairstylist are personalized. A negative experience may not come back on the hair salon as hard as it will come back to the stylist. Therefore, by doing everything possible to make the customer happy, a hairstylist is working hard to preserve their personal reputation. Thus, wherever that stylist goes, they will have a record of happy customers.

In summation, being a hairstylist is one of the most interesting occupations. This is because of the connection a hairstylist makes with each of their clients. Rosemary Barclay wants aspiring hairstylists to understand the unique opportunity this occupation grants. By achieving the mindset of an entrepreneur, hairstylists will cut, curl and color their way to success.

Rosemary Barclay Discusses the Initial Steps a Driver Takes After a Collision

Collision repair specialist explains the steps that should be taken immediately following an accident.

A collision can happen at any moment. Regardless of the situation, the collision is usually not something that people know is coming. Whether they are the ones being hit or the person in the wrong, an accident is still a horrific event. There is no way someone can truly prepare for an accident and it’s difficult to anticipate how anyone will react.

Fortunately, Rosemary Barclay has laid out the initial steps a driver should take immediately following a collision. By taking these steps, drivers can help calm the situation and get the help that’s necessary.

Stay Calm

While this might seem impossible in the heat of the moment, staying calm helps a person take in the situation. Taking a few deep breaths and allowing the mind to process what is going on helps a lot. This can help clear the mind and slow the adrenaline. After all, it’s likely that a fight or flight reaction is brewing. If the person gives into that, they could hurt themselves further by freaking out.

Check Yourself and Your Passengers

After finding a semblance of calm, check yourself for injuries. Take it slow, to make sure nothing is broken or going to be worsened by movement. Everything might seem like it’s happening a million miles a minute but taking the time to check yourself is essential.

Afterward, check the passengers. Safety should be paramount in this situation. Get visual and verbal confirmation that passengers are unharmed before proceeding.

Get to Safety

There are many reasons why, after a collision, the car is an unsafe environment. If it’s possible, get out of the car and get to safety. If others need help, it’s okay to help them, but don’t endanger yourself by staying in the car. Hopefully, everyone can make it out of the car of their own volition. When that happens, get to a safe area, away from traffic.

Call 9-1-1

If no one appears to be hurt, call the police to report the accident. If there’s a belief that someone was hurt in the accident, call an ambulance before anything else. The most important thing is to get anyone who needs medical attention the treatment they need. Everything else can wait.

Call Insurance and then a Legal Representative

Once the shock of the collision is over and everyone is alright, it’s time to exchange information. After ensuring everyone’s safety, the next step is to get the insurance companies involved. After reporting the accident and filing the claim, it’s a good idea to call legal representation. Now that people have had a few minutes to think, the police will be filing a report. It’s best to speak to a lawyer and possibly have representation present while answering questions.

In summation, Rosemary Barclay understands the chaos of a collision. Even though these steps might seem obvious now, stress tends to make the obvious seem impossible. So, Barclay has put these steps together, in the hopes that they will help someone in a time of crisis.

Rosemary Barclay Shares 5 Tips for Choosing a Collision Repair Specialist

Acclaimed collision repair advisor, Rosemary Barclay reveals five tips for choosing a collision repair specialist.

A car accident is scary. Regardless of who was at fault, or what the result was, the collision itself is a horrifying experience. Even if both parties were lucky and no one was hurt, a collision is still a harrowing event. Everyone involved will likely remember it for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, the stress of the collision doesn’t end with the conclusion of the accident. After the police report is filed and the insurance is notified, a collision repair specialist is still needed. Rosemary Barclay is a collision repair advisor who knows the havoc this can wreak on everyone involved in a collision. So, she is sharing these five tips to help people choose a collision repair specialist.

1. Insurance Coverage

First and foremost, people want to ensure that the collision repair specialist is covered by their insurance. Auto Bodywork of any kind can be expensive; especially if it’s being done by a true professional. Therefore, an out of pocket expense could be detrimental to a person’s finances.

Rosemary Barclay wants people to understand the impact of needing a collision repair specialist. Not only will they be paying a deductible (at least), they might also miss work, due to not having a car. So, to mitigate that cost, people should ensure their insurance will cover at least some of the price.

2. Associations and Certifications

Rosemary Barclay knows how important it is for clients to ask the collision repair specialist if they have any credentials. This is important because it speaks to their professionalism. Most legitimate collision repair specialists are proud of their credentials because they worked hard to receive them. So, it’s not a good sign if a potential customer asks about credentials and the specialist is hesitant.

A few associations that are credible include AAA, NAPA Autocare, Automotive Service Association, and TechNet Professional Services. Barclay also cites The Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and AC Delco as credible certifications.

3. Restoration

The goal of going to a collision repair specialist is to restore their car. Ideally, this means the specialists should be able to acquire the right parts, down to the paint. This part takes a little bit of preparation on the part of the consumer. Asking the right questions is essential. That way, customers can be sure they’re getting what they want.

Barclay insists that most of the time, receiving manufacturing parts shouldn’t be an issue for the specialists. Usually, collision repair specialists work closely with manufacturers, so they have good connections. There are rare instances where an accredited specialist will have a problem finding a part essential to completing the job.

4. Ask for References

When having any work done, Rosemary Barclay advises people to ask for references. For a seasoned collision repair specialist, this is a basic request. Therefore, obliging shouldn’t be an issue at all.

5. Shop Around

Finally, Rosemary Barclay encourages people to shop around. Even though in the heat of the moment, it’s tempting to go with the first legitimate specialist referred. Jumping into something quickly might not work out for the person in the end. So, instead, take the extra step and shop around.

Additionally, being proactive is always a good idea. Finding a collision repair specialist before one is needed will save a lot of aggravation. It’s better to have one and not need one. That way, the person isn’t forced into a split decision. Emotions run high after a collision. Planning in case of an emergency helps the person remain calm and focused on the road ahead.

In summation, finding the collision repair specialist is vital to getting a person’s life back together after an accident. Rosemary Barclay is certain that these tips can help people choose their collision repair specialist quickly and efficiently. That way, they can move forward from this traumatic event.