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The Link between Dairy and Acne Explained by Rosemary Barclay

Rosemary Barclay

Acne specialist, Rosemary Barclay, believes in a more natural approach to clearing your skin.

Let’s face it – having acne is a terrible experience, especially as an adult. We all want the clear, beautiful skin we see in advertisements, and many people are willing to go to extreme measures to find the skin care routine that works for them. Visits to the dermatologist often result in expensive, harsh prescriptions that leave you with dry skin, chapped lips, or even worse side effects like joint pain! All these concoctions and potions add up fast, and can leave you feeling even more hopeless when the acne remains time and time again.

Rosemary Barclay, owner and founder of Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, Ct., shares a more natural approach to ending the battle with acne – cutting out dairy products. While this may seem like another extreme measure to some, it can be surprisingly easy to adjust your diet. Rosemary Barclay believes that ditching diary can not only reduce acne, but also help you lead a healthier life.

Dairy products that are made from cows often have high levels of hormones in them. Pregnant cows produce more hormones, which cross into the milk and cheese we consume regularly. Even organic products that are labeled as “hormone-free” contain the cow’s natural hormones. Rosemary Barclay notes that the only difference is no artificial hormones are added in addition to what is already there.

Adding unnecessary hormones into your diet can over-stimulate oil glands in the face. All that extra oil can lead to more clogged pores and breakouts. Aside from hormone imbalances, dairy can also cause irritation in the stomach and digestive track. Food sensitivities for internal organs are directly connected to the skin. Traditional Chinese face-mapping techniques can help you figure out potential underlying issues based on where acne is located on the face.

Going to the gym and leading an active lifestyle is another way to lower stress levels, boost circulation, and push out impurities and toxins from the pores. Reaching for whey protein after a successful workout may seem like the healthiest choice, however, this milk-derived powder could actually be a major source of breakouts. Rosemary Barclay suggests cutting whey protein out of your diet and replacing it with a natural plant protein source that can still be just as convenient as whey products.

While cutting dairy is not a guaranteed acne cure for everyone, Rosemary Barclay suggests giving it a shot for at least three weeks to see if there are any noticeable changes or improvements. Tracking food intake is also a great way to narrow in on potential acne triggers. You can cut out one thing, then wait to see what happens when reintroduced. Another way to do this is to cut out everything and eat only vegetables. After three weeks, slowly reintroduce just one thing at a time to document body reactions.

About Rosemary Barclay

Rosemary Barclay believes that nutrition is fundamental to good health, and affects many faucets of well-being including the skin, energy, immunity, mood, and performance. The Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, offers solutions to problematic skin without the use of antibiotics or harsh chemicals.

She earned a bachelor’s degree and a PhD in biochemistry in addition to becoming a board certified nutrition specialist, certified esthetician, and acne specialist. Rosemary Barclay lives in Old Lyme, CT. with her husband Paul and three children. For more information on the Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, please visit:

Rosemary Barclay - Salt Connected to Acne

Nutrition Specialist, Rosemary Barclay, Explains How Iodized Salt is Connected to Acne

According to Rosemary Barclay, nutrition affects many facets of your well-being including the condition of your skin.

Rosemary Barclay 1
Rosemary Barclay 1

Ingesting certain foods can negatively impact the overall health of your skin, without you even realizing it. These acne-exacerbating foods are common in everyday meals and can be the secret culprit to your skin problems. Rosemary Barclay, founder, and owner of Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT., explains how iodized salt, in particular, could pose as troublesome to your complexion.

Iodine in Salt

This mineral isn’t all bad, in fact, we actually need it to function properly! Iodine becomes a problem when ingested in larger than recommended quantities. Rosemary Barclay explains that this excess iodine is excreted through pores and can further irritate sensitive skin and hair follicles, causing an unwanted flare-up of on your face.

Most people get their fully recommended dose of iodine without knowing or trying. However, for those who are already more prone to breakouts, ingesting too much could easily be detrimental to a nice complexion. It’s most commonly found in iodized table salt, so it’s best to check all salt labels before making a purchase. Before making any dietary changes, Rosemary Barclay notes that everyone should first consult their doctor, as some conditions require higher iodine intakes.


Iodine in Food

Unfortunately, most restaurants and fast food companies use iodized salt because it’s the least expensive salt option. If you’re going to treat yourself to a night out, Rosemary Barclay recommends choosing grilled options, since fried food items often contain much higher levels of salt.

Just because you’re eating at home, doesn’t mean you’re automatically safe from potentially harmful ingredients. Iodine can also be found in processed foods at the grocery store such as deli meats, canned vegetables, and processed snacks. Seaweed and kelp are also a commonly hidden source of iodine, so enjoying sushi in moderation is key.  Try to consume snacks flavored with sea salt or Celtic salt to reduce flare-ups of acne.

Lastly, it’s no secret that regularly drinking soda is bad for your health. What many people don’t know, however, is the surprising amount of iodine found in deep brown food coloring. If you aren’t ready to kick that soda drinking habit, simply switches to lighter-colored sodas that tend to contain large amounts of iodine.

About Rosemary Barclay

Rosemary Barclay earned a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. in biochemistry in addition to becoming a board-certified nutrition specialist, certified esthetician, and acne specialist. Her many years of experience have led her to believe in the value of nutritious foods and organic products. For more information on the Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, please visit:

According to Rosemary Barclay, Those Blackheads Might Actually be Something Else

Rosemary Barclay

Acne specialist, Rosemary Barclay, explains why you might just be wasting your time trying to remove troublesome blackheads for good.

Most people start and end their day in the bathroom with washing their face and peering at their skin. When dark, clogged pores begin to appear, many automatically assume they have a blackhead problem. If you those blackheads magically appear back on your face only a few days after meticulously squeezing and pinching your skin, you might just be seeing sebaceous filaments. Rosemary Barclay, founder and owner of Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, explains how you can tell the difference and strive for healthy skin.


These acne blemishes are a result of oil, dead skin cells, makeup, or bacteria that clog pores. You will be able to feel a slightly elevated bump on your skin. Rosemary Barclay explains that their “black” characteristic is due to oxidation when the contents are exposed to air. To keep these at bay, exfoliate with a natural skincare product free of excess chemicals or irritants which tend to try out skin. Rosemary Barclay believes in using pure, organic ingredients which are free of fillers, alcohol, or artificial fragrances that can do more harm than good.

Sebaceous Filaments

Every human has sebaceous filaments, some are just more visible than others depending on skin type. They are made from sebaceous oil glands which can be found near tiny hair follicles. The oil is impacted into the pores and can be more troublesome for those with an oily complexion or large pores. Rosemary Barclay notes that sebaceous filaments are not acne, but normal build up in the pore around hair.

Sebaceous filaments are naturally a yellow or light grey color when squeezed, and typically have no raised bump, staying even with the skin. When emptied, they tend to fill back up quickly and can even help maintain the moisture balance in skin.

Healthy Skin

It’s possible to minimize the appearance of sebaceous filaments by using exfoliating products, but they will stay with you forever! Your skin naturally produces oil, and can sometimes even produce more if it suspects your skin is too dry.
Rosemary Barclay recommends you avoid picking and squeezing in the mirror, despite the temptation to clear those pores! It’s easy to cause more damage to your skin through scars or broken capillaries. Visit an acne specialist to find the best skincare routine for you.

Rosemary Barclay earned a bachelor’s degree and a PhD in biochemistry in addition to becoming a board certified nutrition specialist, certified esthetician, and acne specialist. Her many years of experience have led her to believe in nutritious foods and organic products for good health. Rosemary Barclay lives in Old Lyme, CT. For more information on the Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, please visit:

Rosemary Barclay - Stay Flexible During Winter

How to Stay Flexible During Winter With Rosemary Barclay

Rosemary Barclay Helps You Stay Flexible During Winter

Rosemary Barclay shares tips on how to stay flexible for an improved quality of life.

Rosemary Barclay
Rosemary Barclay

During the winter months, it’s easy to fall out of healthy routines of exercising and going to the gym. Warm cozy blankets and movies on the couch seem more and more inviting. The holiday season keeps many people busy, and finding the time or motivation to stay active can be a challenge. Falling behind on your fitness goals however, can mean even more work getting back into shape come spring.

Dropping temperatures paired with lack of physical activity can make you tense and rigid. This can lead to a larger risk of getting injured while doing things like shoveling snow, sledding, skiing, or even scraping ice off the windshield. By staying flexible year round, you can stay healthier than ever before this season. Rosemary Barclay, founder, and owner of Bonne Santé Wellness Center shares winter wellness tips to help you stay flexible in the winter.


Before starting an activity, even one that takes place in the privacy of your home, Rosemary Barclay recommends stretching to warm up. This is key in reducing the risk for injury while improving range of motion. Without stretching muscles shorten and tighten leaving you prone to joint pain, strain and muscle damage. Flexibility will naturally decrease with age but can be improved with regular stretching.


Many people shy away from yoga because they believe it requires you to be flexible. Rosemary Barclay knows that this could not be farther from the truth! Poses can be modified for beginners and regular practice will improve both flexibility and strength. Slowly challenge yourself to reach deeper into the position, pulling the muscles and expanding your range of motion.


This activity can not only improve flexibility but also posture! Rosemary Barclay recommends incorporating the slow, controlled stretching of Pilates to build long, lean muscles and improve balance. It can also help you strengthen smaller muscle groups that are often forgotten about in gym routines.

Plan with Rosemary Barclay

To help you reach your fitness goals, Rosemary Barclay suggests creating a weekly exercise plan. Put together a schedule with activities and the amount of time each one will take. This will make it much easier to incorporate staying flexible into your daily routine. If possible, encourage your friend or significant other to join you when your schedules line up!

Rosemary Barclay is the owner and founder of Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT.  She earned her bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in biochemistry and is a board-certified nutrition specialist. Rosemary is also a certified esthetician and acne specialist, believing in the fundamentals of nutrition for overall longevity.   For more information, please visit:

Rosemary Barclay

How Vegetables Boost Your Immune System and Improve your mood Naturally with Rosemary Barclay

Certified nutrition specialist, Rosemary Barclay, suggests incorporating more vegetables into your diet daily to stay healthy and happy during the winter months.

Believe it or not, a strong immune system starts at home in the kitchen with a balanced diet that incorporates fresh vegetables. Vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that fuel the body to help fight off pesky colds. Winter wellness has never been so easy, just add a little extra color to your plate this season! Rosemary Barclayrecommends eating these vegetables to stay healthy and happy during the wintertime.

Vitamin A

This nutrient is stored in your body tissue and is responsible for supporting cell growth and improving immunity. It’s also famously known for its role in developing eyesight. A deficiency can make you more prone to infections, so Rosemary Barclay suggests eating rich leafy greens, carrots, winter squash, and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin C,

The human body cannot store or produce vitamin C so it’s essential to consume it daily. This vitamin is a water soluble that is a potent antioxidant essential for immune function and healthy skin. The hAt the onset of colds and flu, Vitamin C is often the first port of call ! It is not always necessary to take a supplement, as Vitamin C is found quite easily through food. Rosemary Barclay believes in obtaining vitamins from food sources first and supplementing with a slow release Vitamin C supplement if you feel immune compromised or cannot obtain fresh vegetables and fruits. Consuming an adequate daily intake is the best preventative measure against sickness. Luckily, there are plenty of vegetables high in Vitamin C such as broccoli, green and red peppers, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. Add a few fruits like berries, citrus and kiwi fruit on a daily basis for meet your daily requirement of Vitamin C

Vitamin D

This nutrient is best absorbed through the skin by spending time outside in the sun. In winter months, this can definitely pose a problem! If the cold weather keeps you in, Rosemary Barclay recommends eating more mushrooms, kale, collards, and okra! Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin so its a good idea to consume a healthy fat like salmon, tuna , sardines or herring or a small piece of avocado or a few nuts or seeds when eating these vegetables. A deficiency in Vitamin D can be associated with many problems including bone health , autoimmune disease.


Zinc is useful for more than just sunscreen! Adding foods like chickpeas, lentils mushrooms,beans , spinach, and asparagus can help boost your immune system and regulate inflammation. Rosemary Barclay notes that zinc is not stored by the body, so maintaining adequate levels is key to staying healthy this winter. Not only does it increase immunity and reduce acne but it can improve your sense of smell and promotes wound healing.

Serotonin Production

During the winter months, your body is exposed to less sunlight; the lowered exposure results in a decline in your body’s serotonin production. Serotonin, the “feel good” chemical, is heavily influenced by vegetables. In order for your brain to produce serotonin, you need to ingest carbohydrates during each meal and vegetables are among the best choices.

Tryptophan is a precursor amino acid that enables our body to create serotonin. The effects of Tryptophan are enhanced when green leafy vegetables are ingested. Vegetables not only improve your immune system, but enhance your mood during the colder months. A happier you, means a healthier you.

Rosemary Barclay is the owner and founder of Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT. She earned her bachelor’s degree and PhD in biochemistry and is a board certified nutrition specialist. Rosemary is also a certified esthetician and acne specialist, believing in the fundamentals of nutrition for overall health and wellbeing.

Rosemary Barclay

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Rosehip Oil with Rosemary Barclay

Board certified nutrition specialist, Rosemary Barclay, explains the benefits of using natural remedies on the skin.

In today’s modern society, many people are concerned with the amount of chemicals and unfamiliar ingredients in popular skin care products. Despite being used for thousands of years, natural oils and plant based products are making a recent comeback in the beauty industry for their results and compatibility with the human body. Ingredients extracted from nuts, seeds, and fruit can nourish the skin naturally without harsh chemicals.

Rosemary Barclay, founder and owner of Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT., particularly likes the natural benefits from using rosehip oil. It’s derived from the fruit of a rose bush through a cold-press process. This gentle oil is ideal for all skin types, even for the most sensitive skin. As with any product, it’s always a good idea to test on your forearm before actively applying. Rosemary Barclay shares three reasons to use rosehip oil daily.


Rosehip oil has nourishing benefits, and Rosemary Barclay notes that it is full of vitamins that will improve the complexion. It’ stocked full of essential fatty acids as well as vitamins C, E, & A which encourage collagen production. This can improve softness and assist with skin repair and renewal. It can also help reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and scars, making it extremely popular among celebrities. Only a few drops need to be applied to reap its amazing benefits.


Unlike many other oils, rosehip oil does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin. It feels rather light on the face and provides long lasting moisture to dry skin. After years of experience, Rosemary Barclay continues to recommend this natural product which is absorbed quickly into the skin and easily added to nighttime skin care routines. After regular use, many report waking up with a brighter, glowing complexion.


Since sources can vary, Rosemary Barclay recommends finding a high quality product, organic if possible. Look for a liquid that has a deep golden color or a red-orange glow. Avoid yellow and clear rosehip oils which may be heavily processed, losing many natural benefits. Because this oil usually has no added fragrance, colors, or preservatives, it has a very low risk of causing problems or reactions.

Rosemary Barclay earned a bachelor’s degree and PhD in biochemistry. She is a board certified nutrition specialist, certified esthetician and acne specialist. Rosemary Barclay has conducted in depth research for years, and believes that nutritious foods are fundamental to good health. She created the Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT. and actively provides natural and organic services to clients. To learn more, visit:

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Tis The Season of Special Offers from Bonne Santé Wellness Center Offers and Gifts from Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT

Take advantage of these special seasonal offers before they disappear for another year.

The holiday season brings out the best in people and makes everyone feel a certain degree of unbridled generosity. The goodwill that we feel toward our loved ones neighbors is propelled by the vast abilities and inspiration to do nice things. Whether these nice things are for people we love, friends, or strangers, the benefit we feel is the same. Why not be inspirational and give the gift of good health. That is why Bonne Santé Wellness Center is offering a stocking full of goodness for the upcoming season.

Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT would like to help you spread the joy by giving gifts that all last year long as it is often during the holidays that people are so busy caring for others, that they neglect their own health. And so with this in mind, here’s some special offers and discounts to help you spread the joy. Give effective tools to help you and your loved ones start off the new year on the right foot Why not buy one for yourself and give one as a gift!

$15 Refer a Friend

Often, doing good things brings its own reward and here at the Bonne Santé Wellness Center, we like to promote and foster the sense of doing good for others so introducing friends and get paid. For every referral every person brings in, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT is promising a $15 gift card. This card is redeemable for any Bonne Santé Wellness Center service, leaving you and your friends feeling great.

10% Teacher Discount

Teaching the leaders of tomorrow is a demanding and sometimes thankless task. While being a teacher is a rewarding occupation, today there are numerous demands placed on teachers that takes its toll. At the Bonne Santé Wellness Center, teachers receive a 10% discount, off ALL services. This discount is available each time a teacher visits. After all, teachers need to feel their best in order to be effective educators for our children

Bonne Santé Wellness Center appreciates teachers and everything they do. Their job is important and is often underrated. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT wants to recognize teachers for undertaking such an important responsibility.

Gift Certificates

Giving the gift of good health is magnificent. Whether it is for a friend, family member, or teacher, there is no better way to say you care. Everyone on your shopping list can benefit from a Bonne Santé Wellness Center gift card. Gift givers even have the option of choosing a specific treatment or allowing the recipient to choose.

Gifts are a way to make your special loved ones feel important and know that you care about their health and well being. If looking and feeling good is a specific aim of a loved them (or even yourself) then you are going to require some helpful tools to set about this task-visit us for self-care, all in one place. Visit the website today, sign up for our newsletter to gain special offers or like the Bonne Santé Wellness Center Facebook for more seasonally-specific updates.

Remember that It’s difficult to put a price tag on the gift of good health and the receiver will always remember the value it brings to their lives! Open the door to a lifetime of wellness by buying a gift to promote good health. This Holiday Season give a gift from the heart for the heart

Rosemary Barclay

Rosemary Barclay Offers 5 Tips to Eating Well Throughout the Harvest Season

Eating well throughout the harvest season can be difficult but Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT knows all the secrets.

There is so much to love about the harvest season. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT knows that food is an essential joy of Autumn. As the weather gets colder, people are more inclined to settle down with their favorite comfort food. From the chocolate treats to the apple pie and, of course, Thanksgiving, food is everywhere throughout the season.
Fortunately, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT shares her five best tips to eating well throughout the harvest season. This doesn’t mean that people should sacrifice what they love, though. Instead, put a little forethought into consumption and it will go a long way.

1. Give into the Change

Change is good. Although, sometimes it takes time and strength to make a change. People like routine and it is routine that allows one to fall into a rut. Even if it is a healthy rut, giving permission to change is essential to eating well this fall. Embracing the different type of food and drinks of the fall will prepare the body for accepting the change.

This is especially true for those who enjoy a nice cup of tea. Black tea offers one of the biggest sources of flavonoids, which are natural antioxidants. This class of antioxidants is found in many natural plant-derived foods. Don’t be afraid to keep the kettle warm all throughout the harvest season.

2. Soup is a Good Friend

Soup is a wonderful way to get all the nutrients a healthy body needs without sacrificing the comfort food craving. There are many ways to make a successful, delicious soup. Yet, whatever recipe you use, make sure it contains fresh garlic, onions, and spices. Garlic and onions contain phytochemicals that are antibacterial. Plus, recent studies suggest that garlic and onions inhibit cancer-causing free radicals.

Additionally, the active ingredients in garlic are alliin (which give the garlic its taste). When fresh garlic is chopped or pressed, alliin is converted to allicin (which gives garlic it’s aroma). Allicin is thought to help lower cholesterol and prevent blood clots.
Fortunately, garlic and onions are an excellent base ingredient for soups. By experimenting with different vegetables, herbs, and other fresh food, a healthy fall favorite is only a bowl away.

3. Drink More Water

During the harvest season, the physical urge to drink water can lessen. Since it is no longer hot outside, a nice, cold, tall glass of water is often replaced by coffee or hot chocolate. It is important to remember to drink water often, even without feeling thirsty. Water helps to keep the functions of the body moving all year long. Therefore, it is essential to eating well throughout the harvest season.

4. Buy in Season

Pumpkins, apples, squash, broccoli and other interesting vegetables are inexpensive during harvest because they are in season. Plus, they are ripe for making the most interesting meals that are associated with fall. For those who are not sure about which vegetables to get in fall, follow the colors of the season. Rustic, hearty foods are going to be the best bet for facilitating a healthy harvest feast.

5. Reinforce the Immune System

The body’s immune system is weakened in Autumn. This is when the flu season and the dreaded common cold start to appear. Therefore, it is important to help the immune system remain healthy. Of course, hydration is key. However, consuming raw foods is another natural way to help bulk up the immune system. Garlic, mushrooms, and Manuka honey are great, seasonal raw foods that can be placed into many meals.

Additionally, doing things you enjoy not only makes you happy, but it also boosts your immune system. The harvest season is a great excuse to get together with loved ones, so try to enjoy outdoor activities with loved ones. This will help keep the winter blues at bay and promote your immune system .

It is so important to eat well during the harvest season. Try to steer a healthful path now in fall so that it is easily maintained throughout winter. You will reap the benefits of a better immune system and keep healthy throughout winter.

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Bonne Santé Wellness Center- After Sun Specials through November 3rd, Compliments of Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT

As it starts to cool off, invigorate mind body and soul with Bonne Santés After-Sun treatments

Fall is in the air and days are getting shorter. As everyone returns to their post-summer lives, Rosemary Barclay knows that some after sun savings are in order. After sun savings can be redeemed through a multitude of different therapies. Not only do these therapies boost your mood, but they are also essential for staving off the winter blues and repairing the damage the sun causes to our fragile skin

Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT explains each of the different therapies included in this end of summer sale. Everything on this list will be twenty-percent off, from now until November 3rd. Due to popularity this sale was extended from its original departure date of October 26th.

Acne Therapy

The holistic approach to acne treatment that Bonne Santé is well known for will get your skin cleared up quick. The Bonne Santé approach combines deep-cleaning acne facials with effective at-home skin care products and supplements instead of drugs. Here at Bonne Santé Wellness Center, we treat the underlying problem, personalizing each case and thoroughly evaluating your needs.
Start the program now and be clear for the up coming holidays. Be acne free for those family gatherings and all it takes is for you to take the first steps toward clearer, healthier skin.

After-Sun Facials

Facials are always a great way to keep skin absolutely glowing. Enjoy Bonne Santé’s new Vitamin C rich restorative Mask to help exfoliate the skin by deep cleansing of pores and adding back vitamins to get your glow back. Facials that are available. All the facials provided by Bonne Sante are organic and the products are free of preservative so your skin will get an eco-friendly treat!

Fall Massages

The summer is fun but increased outdoor activities can put pressure on your muscles. Combine that with the added stress of returning to a regular summer-less routine and the tension is palpable. Fortunately, a de-stressing massage is the perfect cure. The therapists at the Bonne Santé Wellness Center are highly trained and fully certified. Your massage will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.
Enjoy After-Sun specials with saving you do not want to let slip away. With such a selection, it is no wonder why the specials were extended to November 3rd. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT.wants to make these treatments affordable to all this fall season so make sure to get in on this deal. November still sounds far away, but just to be safe, you should book your After-Sun Special today!

Rosemary Barclay

Controlling Diabetes with a Low Glycemic Index Diet is Essential to Maintaining Manageable Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a disease that is running rampant throughout the US, controlling disease progression is key. Here’s some advice from Bonne Santé of Old Lyme, CT.

The CDC released a reportlast year stating that over 100 million US citizens are diagnosed with Diabetes or have undiagnosed prediabetes. Unfortunately, that number has risen significantly since 2017, as more Americans are struggling to maintain a healthy diet. Misinformation and diet fads usually do more harm than good, and people are at a loss of where to turn.

Fortunately, Bonne Santé Wellness Center can offer diabetics, individualized and accurate information to help control both blood sugar and insulin levels… Bonne Santé of Old Lyme, CT has professionals, such as Rosemary Barclay, BS, PhD, CNS. These professionals specialize in holistic remedies to aid and improve the quality of life for their clients. For Diabetics or Pre Diabetics, maintaining a low Glycemic Index diet is essential to controlling the disease.

• Carbohydrates (carbs) and the Glycemic Index

Carbohydrates are found in a plethora of foods. Bread, pasta, beans, cereal, fruit, vegetables, milk and cheese but not all carbs are created equal.. When consumed in moderation, carbohydrates are an essential part of everyone’s diet. After all, carbs are broken down into simple sugars that enter the bloodstream and provide energy for our muscles to work. This process is essential for the body needs to garner the energy and nutrients it needs to survive.

However, different carbohydrates impact blood sugar levels and insulin to varying degrees These varying degrees are measured by the Glycemic Index (GI).

There are three levels of the GI:
Low: 55 or less
Medium: 56-69
High: 70+

These factors are not contingent on the food alone. Rather, the factors encompass the method of preparation, the type of sugar, and the molecular structure of the starch and fiber levels of that food. After all, fruit is better for the body than white bread.but it is their glycemic index that makes one the better choice over the other for diabetics. Fiber also plays a vital role in lowering the release of sugars into the bloodstream.

• GI and Diabetes
Diabetes is a complex disease .but the primary issue of the disease is the inability of affected individuals to process sugars effectively. Everyone has a blood sugar level, which fluctuates depending on our consumption and overall health. However, for diabetics, their sugar levels are hard to control, since their body cannot make enough insulin to cope or their bodies have become insulin resistant.

For this reason affected individuals should be encouraged to eat foods with a low GI as insufficient insulin is produced to cope with foods of a high GIA diet compromising primarily low GI and high fiber produces less blood sugars

From a young age, food and the way people eat is indoctrinated into them, becoming a part of their culture. Good, bad, or indifferent, the food most people eat stems from a habit that started in early childhood. It is difficult to change such an ingrained habits. Diabetes is a serious condition and the long term effects of a continually high blood sugar are very detrimental to nerves, kidneys and of course the heart. Fortunately, the professionals at Bonne Santé of Old Lyme, CT can help to control this elevated blood sugar levels by making simple changes to diet. Coupled with an exercise regimen these lifestyle changes can lower your blood sugar levels dramatically. For more information about the services available at the Bonne Santé Wellness Center, visit their website.