Rosemary Barclay

AboutRosemary Barclay

Rosemary Barclay is the founder and owner of the wellness center, Bonne Santé LLC( which means good health in French) in Old Lyme, CT. Rosemary has a Bachelor’s degree and a PhD in biochemistry and is a board certified nutrition specialist and certified esthetician and acne specialist. Her many years of experience in pharmaceutical clinical research have allowed her to conduct in-depth research on individual cases and make careful recommendations to clients. Rosemary believes that nutritious foods are fundamental to good health. Nutrition affects many facets of your life including your health, wel-lbeing, the condition of your skin, energy levels, immunity, mood and your performance in sport. Rosemary’s doctorate degree specialized in allergy and immunology and she holds the Certified Nutrition Specialist qualification. Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) have advanced knowledge and clinical experience suited for the practice of clinical nutrition. Rosemary completed her board examinations in 2008 and has demonstrated skills in therapeutic nutrition, nutrition assessment, developmental nutrition, nutrient depletion & drug/herb interactions, dietary supplements, nutritional disorders and nutrition-related metabolic systems.

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